Education Administration And Planning Consultancies
Title:USAID Consultant for the Ministry of Education to provide technical support to the Task Force to re-align education to the Constitution of Kenya and Kenya Vision 2030.


 Key Tasks: Make technical inputs to assist Task Force in areas of education management and structure, curriculum development, examinations and teacher management, the legal framework, educational policies and financing of education.


Specific Outputs:

  • Education Taskforce Report ;
  • National Education Conference report ;
  • Sessional Paper on Education and Training;
  • Bill for Education and Training;
  • NESIP;
  • Implementation Framework.         
Title:Nov-Dec 2010: DfID’s Consultant to the MoE for the Development of Data Quality Assessment Framework (DQAF) 2010 Action Plan Guidelines for the implementation of Education Management Information System (EMIS) Strategic Action Plan.


Specific outputs: Prepare work plan with relevant education data authorities; Review education data procedures with all education data stakeholders and validate main data sets to be collected; Develop DQAF action plan guidelines for the EMIS Strategic Action plan; Final Report on process of formulation, institutionalization and implementation of EMIS Strategic Action Plan.


Title:Policy Mapping and Analysis Regarding Inclusive Education in Kenya. A project commissioned by Save the Children Finland (SCF) & Girl Child Network (GCN)


Specific outputs: Analysis of the policies that support or hinder inclusion in education; Identification of the gaps that might be there in the current policies; Identification of key policy issues for advocacy; Analysis of the challenges in implementing the current policies; Advice on how the policies can be harmonized to present a united approach towards inclusive education; Simplifying the provisions of laws and policies, to be used in stakeholder capacity building.

Title:Consultant for Government of Kenya (GOK) Bursary Scheme Survey. Collaborators: Ministry of Education and PriceWaterHouse Coopers.
Lead Researcher:Dr. Grace Nyagah
Title:Written module for Curriculum Studies for the African Virtual University (AVU); B.Ed science.
Lead Researcher:Dr. GRACE NYAGAH
Title:Written Module for Masters in Distance Education on curriculum design and course development.
Lead Researcher:DR. GRACE NYAGAH
Title:Consultant in Socio-economic Baseline Survey for Nyanza Province, Funded by SIDA.
Lead Researcher:DR. GRACE NYAGAH
Title:Consultant in monitoring and evaluation of DFiD/GOK (Strengthening of Primary Education (SPRED) 3 text book project in collaboration with PricewaterhouseCoopers
Lead Researcher:DR.GRACE NYAGAH
Title:Evaluated the GOK/Dutch Government Text Book Project. The project provided text books to schools in economically disadvantaged districts in Arid and Semi-arid Lands (ASAL) in Kenya.
Lead Researcher:DR. GRACE NYAGAH