MDF training Agency and UoN: development of Diploma course in Education in Emergencies


Making Diploma Education Inclusive & ‘Refugee-Ready’:  Accessible to Refugee and Host Populations.

Kenya  - with outreach to South Sudan & Somalia

The University of Nairobi and its School of Education where primary school teachers are taught, has a Diploma program curriculum specifically on Education in Emergencies (EiE). This Diploma program, already approved and accredited, is a 2 year program that educates students to become teachers of refugees and IDP populations in particular. The teachers will be equipped to teach in camps and learning hubs in and around refugee contexts. The Diploma program combines ‘regular’ teaching of teachers with supplementary modules on psycho-social support, socio-emotional learning, inclusiveness, child protection, and empathic teaching. Currently, the program is being taught face-to-face at the School of Education campus near Nairobi.


Moreover, since January 2020, the University of Nairobi is part of a network of other African universities in the Horn of Africa, which are each involved in education in emergencies programs. The network is named the African Universities Network for Higher Education in Emergencies (AUN-HEiE). It currently has 4 universities as members and consists of the Moi University,  the University of Nairobi,  the University of Juba, the Somali National University. The AUN-HEiE has been established following emerging needs of refugee populations in the region as identified by these universities, and in particular to respond to the need for, and adapt education in the fragile refugee contexts in Kenya, Somalia and South Sudan to its context

Each university currently offers approved and already accredited diplomas, that have full potential to become  inclusive and refugee-ready, namely entrepreneurship (Moi University), IT (South Sudan), social work (Somalia),  and interpreting.  During the build-phase of the network, the collaborating universities have determined that making a diploma education progam inclusive and refugee-ready, means that the learning programs are contextuzalized to refugee needs.

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MDF -Nairobi

Principle Instigator
Dr. Loise Gichuhi
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